WMF Perfect Pressure Cooker 4.5ltr
WMF Perfect Pressure Cooker 4.5ltr
WMF Perfect Pressure Cooker 4.5ltr

WMF Perfect Pressure Cooker 4.5ltr

Quality German Made Pressure Cooker


 Pressure Cooker 4.5ltr, 22cm

WMF "Perfect" pressure cookers are exceptional top quality products due to their advanced technology, their intelligence is in the handle. They are not only extremely easy and safe to use, as a result of tried and tested design and technology, but they are also very simple to clean.

The WMF pressure cooker cooks at high temperatures and under pressure by applying just one law of physics. Under pressure Wwater first begins to cookboil under pressure at temperatures over 100°C. To reliably build up pressure, the WMF pressure cooker is airtight and firmly locked by means of a bayonet lock and positioning aid. There is a sealing ring in the lid and a locking mechanism in the handle. While the contents of the pot heat up, the integrated automatic heating feature releases air from the pot until the valve audibly closes. The pressure then starts to build up inside the pot and the cooking indicator rises.

Cromargan®WMF has been using the tried and tested Cromargan® stainless steel alloy for cookware, cutlery and kitchen gadgets for nearly 100 years. The material is corrosion-free, acid-resistant and remains shiny for a very long time. Neutral taste and scratch-resistant, the material still looks beautiful and impressive even after being cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10
  • polished
  • suitable for induction
  • Made In Germany. Parts available.