Dline Wooden Pizza Paddle
Dline Wooden Pizza Paddle

Dline Wooden Pizza Paddle

Wooden Pizza Paddle

With this Pizza Paddle you can transfer not only pizzas, but also delicate breads and pastries into the oven where normally transferring them by hand could ruin them. The long handle lets you place things in the oven without having the risk of being near the elements.
Prior to using the paddle, sprinkle it with flour to allow the baked goods to slide on and off easily.


  • Hardwood timber.
  • Tapered adges to easily slide pizza to and from baking stone or pan.
  • Made of wood so the handle and paddle do not get hot like metal alternatives.
  • Use pizza paddle to serve directly to table
  • Width: 31cm
  • Height: (including handle) 55cm
  • Length: (of paddle) approximately 34cm