Sure Brand Non Stick Original Bake Sheet

Sure Brand Non Stick Original Bake Sheet


Sure Non-Stick Original is made from Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

  This is an inherently hygienic, inert, easy to clean, and simple to use material which is non-toxic, synthetic, fluorocarbon-based polymer.  PTFE’s excellent non-stick properties, high chemical resistance, and stability in wide temperature ranges make it an excellent material for thermal applications like baking sheets, transfer presses, and many more applications such as gluing, painting and craft mats.  Sure Non-Stick Original material is of a brown appearance, and is our most durable with the ability to last over many many uses.  Exact reusable lifespan depends on how and what the product is being used for.   This is by far our most popular material type.  Recommended operating temperature ranges are from -40c0 to 260c0.  

Size Options 60 x 40cm - 39 x 35 - 50 x 40 -42 x 33 - 35cm Round.

All sheets are the same material and can be cut to size if you wish.