Raco Aerolift Quiche Loose Base 27cm
Raco Aerolift Quiche Loose Base 27cm

Raco Aerolift Quiche Loose Base 27cm


Raco Aerolift Bakeware will be the bake master of your kitchen, baking your sweet treats to perfection every time. The unique non-stick honeycomb Aerolift surface has been designed to provide quicker heating, easy food release and a golden baked finish. Aerolift Bakeware range is PFOA & PTFE Free for healthier baking.
Oven safe to 240◦C and dishwasher safe, a convenient clean up means you have more time to bake your cake and eat it too!


Use & Care:


  • Please remove the colour sleeve before use.
  • Use caution when handling hot bakeware and always have potholders available for use.
  • Never place your bakeware over a direct flame. Do not use bakeware on the stovetop.
  • Never use your bakeware in the microwave.
  • Do not use metal or sharp-edged utensils, which will scratch the non-stick surface.
  • Do not use non-stick sprays.
  • Oven safe to 240ºC


  • Before first use and after each use, wash pans thoroughly with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water.
  • Do not use scourers or oven cleaners to clean bakeware.
  • Avoid soaking bakeware for extended periods of time. Dry promptly and thoroughly after washing.
  • Your bakeware is dishwasher safe, however, hand washing is recommended. In time the cumulative effects of strong agitation and harsh detergent will affect the appearance of your bakeware, possibly causing dulling and discolouration, although the performance will not be affected. Always follow the dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions carefully.