WMF Oven Serving Pan
WMF Oven Serving Pan

WMF Oven Serving Pan

Top Quality German Made


The versatile pan - perfect for searing and browning at high temperatures. This frying pan honours its name, it is extremely robust and indestructible. It tolerates highest stresses such as extreme heat or the thermal shock when deglazing. All pans in this range have the tried and tested TransTherm®-Universal base and are suitable for all types of cooktop, including induction.

Unlike a frying pan, an oven pan has no long handle, but two side handles which allow for easy use in the oven or for serving.

Cromargan®WMF has been using the tried and tested Cromargan® stainless steel alloy for cookware, cutlery and kitchen gadgets for nearly 100 years. The material is corrosion-free, acid-resistant and remains shiny for a very long time. Neutral taste and scratch-resistant, the material still looks beautiful and impressive even after being cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10
  • suitable for oven: 
  • Made In Germany

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