Kai Electric Knife Sharpener
Kai Electric Knife Sharpener

Kai Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener for Japanese Knives

Electric Knife Sharpener designed specifically for Shun double beveled knives. 

Weight: 995gms. Dimensions L/W/H: 138mm x 111mm x 105mm.

Kai Corporation's compact electric knife sharpener has been specially designed for use with Kai Japanese knife ranges including Shun Classic and Shun Premier.

Each unit has a dust cover to protect the sharpening unit and non-slip feet to ensure a secure hold on the benchtop.  Two pairs of ceramic grinding stones are fitted within the polishing cartridge.  The first pair grind and restore the blunt edge; and the second, finer pair polish the edge to a fine and clean finish. 

The polishing cartridge is easily removed from the base unit for effortless cleaning by rinsing under a tap to remove grinding debris.  Replacement polishing cartridges are available.